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Accurate Backflow Testing & Valve Repair is a full service company that has been testing, repairing, installing and servicing backflow prevention assemblies since 1969.

Our facility is over 6,500 square feet, fully stocked with complete repair parts for all manufacturers. We provide service to Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

All of our test equipment is calibrated annually to certify that it is in compliance with the governing agency regulations.

We have trucks and equipment that are capable of handling all sizes of devices up to and including the largest (10") that are currently approved.

All of our employees are certified to perform testing and repairs in at least two counties. Some have certification in four counties.

All Backflow Prevention Devices are required to be tested at least once a year to certify that they are working properly to safeguard the health of the public. If they fail the test then they must be repaired and retested before the required test data is sent to the governing agency.

The testing procedure for testing a Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly consists of connecting to the customers backflow prevention device with a differential testing guage that is approved by the controlling agency. We then proceed to place the device under conditions that resemble a backflow condition. First we check to verify that the first check valve assembly holds tight. Then we test to make sure that the relief valve assembly opens above the minimum reading. The third portion of the test we place the second check valve assembly under a simulated backflow condition to verify that this check holds against backpressure. If all portions of the test pass then we certify the device and send a report to the controlling agency.

The test procedure for a Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly is the same as for the Reduced Pressure Principle type except there is no relief valve to test.

The test procedure for a Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker Backflow Prevention Assembly is basically the same as a Double Check type except we test the check valve portion first and then test the air inlet portion to verify that it opens above the minimum.

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