Selecting A Backflow Preventer

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Testable Backflow Prevention Assemblies vs. Non-Testable Backflow Devices

Typically, Testable Backflow Prevention Assemblies are required for use at a service connection. These "Testable" assemblies are used for containment of the entire Consumer's Potable System away from the Public Water System. Since their proper function is imperative in order to prevent contamination of the Public Potable Water Supply, a method of testing is necessary.

Non-Testable Backflow devices are usually used for internal protection, within the Consumer's Potable Water System, whereby they are isolating an internal cross-connection from the remainder of the Consumer's Potable System. If these types of valves fail, protection of the Public Potable Supply is still facilitated by the "Testable" assembly at the service connection.

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Text courtesy of Wilkins a Zurn company.